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Banking on Canon For the Best Quality laser and Inkjet Printers

Canon has been one of the foremost companies in the world in imaging and printing technologies. It is based in Singapore, and started its operation in India since 1997. At present Canon India has its presence in more than 14 cities in the entire country and more than 1000 people in their staff.

The 200 odd models of printers and other digital imaging products, produced by this company, are all extremely popular for their great service, super – fine quality and unique sophistication in their appearance and appeal. For instant service and support on any of your Canon product, you can bank on the Canon printer support number. (1-800-274-2129)

The products that you get from Canon, apart from the range of best – quality printers are:

  • Projectors
  • Scanners
  • Digital cameras
  • Fax machines
  • Digital SLR’s
  • Card printers
  • Accessories
  • Digital copiers etc.

Canon and The Printers in India

Canon India started doing business in the retail market in India in the year 2010. The company has initiated a retail selling programme called the Canon Image Square (CIS). At present the company can boast of over 200 CIS stores, spread over a number of cities in India. Canon India had adopted the initial scheme of catering not only to the metros and the biggest cities in the nation, but also in the cities that are in tier II, III or IV in their demand for technological breakthroughs. For getting a complete list of the cities of India where Canon has its presence, you can always call the Canon printer tech support number and check whether your city has a Canon store or not.

Canon and The Social Responsibility

Canon proudly announces that all its projects are sustainable and highly efficient, so that the focus is always towards the social upliftment. The vision of the company is to “live and work together for the common good”.

The company has also participated in the “Adopt a Village” programme, started in 2012. Canon India has adopted under this programme, a village named Sol Gohalia near Kolkata. Here, the company endeavours to develop a sustainable rural communication network, and also develop the rural community on the basis of the 4 essential E’s – education, environment, eye – care and empowerment. Apart from Kolkata, the other villages adopted by the company include:

  • Karanjoti village in Thane in Maharashtra.
  • Maharaja Katte Village in Bengaluru
  • Ferozepur Village in Haryana

In order to know the kind of work Canon India has done in the social arena, you may call 1-800-274-2129 the Canon printer support number, which is also responsible to provide you with the best after – sales service for their best quality inkjet and laser printers.

Canon – The Company With Environmental Awareness

All the processes used by Canon for the production of its various products, are green technologies, thus minimising the ill – effect on the environment. Moreover, they are always on the lookout of such path-breaking technologies that will provide you with a lighter, much durable piece of gadget, which is also quite easy to recycle, when needed. The recycling and waste management policies of the company are also well – defined, as will be clear from a call placed to the Canon printer support phone number 1(800)274-2129.